Trilogy Telecaster

A while ago, I decided that I would like a Telecaster, but couldn’t find one I liked without going Custom Shop, so I decided to build my own from parts. I also decided I’d have a go with a Hipshot Trilogy bridge.


  • Alder Body - midnight blueburst
  • Maple neck
  • Paisley pick guard
  • Paisley neck plate
  • Hipshot Trilogy Bridge
  • Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound set
  • Gold bushes for tuners
  • Gold roller string tensioners
  • Abalone tipped knobs
  • Planet waves strap pins
  • Pickup selector plate
  • Furels
  • Gold Jack Plate


  • Alder Telecaster body (midnight blueburst)
  • Canadian maple Telecaster neck (maple fretboard)
  • Hipshot trilogy bridge
  • Seymour Duncan Quarter-pound single coil bridge and neck pickups
  • Paisley pickguard and neckplate
  • Locking tuners
  • Abalone capped gold knobs


As far as the build went, it was all pretty straight forward. I initially assembled the guitar with a standard bridge, lining up with the string through holes in the body and the bridge pickup route.

I also used gold bushes and screws in the black locking tuners to stick with the black and gold theme on the hardware.


I actually kept the guitar like that for a while after a setup. The guitar played pretty nicely and the Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound pickup set had exactly the hot single coil vintage tone I was after.

Eventually it was time to get the trilogy fitted. With the pilot holes from the original bridge, this went in fairly easily. I had a little trouble with earthing, but a bit more sanding and careful soldering sorted that.

Finally I took the guitar to Andertons music shop for a full setup and graphite nut. That made the transitions between tunings far smoother and made the guitar a whole lot more pleasant to play. The plan at some point is to colour the base plate of the bridge gold, but I’m still considering how to do that.

I’m really happy with how this guitar turned out. It’s great fun to play and I think it looks pretty cool as well.

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